Octagonal moroccan ceiling light of two color glass


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Octagonal moroccan ceiling light of two color glass with domes of pierced bronzed metal.
Opaque-white and transparent-yellow glass. 

- Electric pendant in black (ceiling rose, lamp holder, and cord 80 cm)
- Bronze color chain (chain length 50 cm)

Total height: 70 cm (Hanger: 3 cm)
Max. diameter: 15 cm

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Data sheet

Diameter15 cm
CristalOpaque flat
Metal ColorBronze
ColorWhite glass
Total Height70 cm
Height67 cm

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Octagonal moroccan ceiling light of pierced bronzed iron and white opaque and yellow crystal.
The package includes:
- Octagonal morroccan ceiling light with domes of pierced bronzed iron and two color glass
- Golden electric pendant (ceiling rose, lamp holder, chain and transperant cord) of 80 cm.
- Bronze color chain (chain length 50 cm) 

How to use:
Crystal lamps are provided with a door for easy wiring. Cable is inserted from an upper hole in the lamp and exits from the door, then the cable is coupled with cap and placed bulb. Once the wiring is done, cap and bulb are entered inside the lamp and the door can be closed.
* Crystal lamps' doors are meant to be use ocasionally to maintain the functionality of the lamp, and should be open and close carefully.

History and origin:
Light is a very important element in the decoration of the Arabic world. This octagonal moroccan ceiling light of pierced bronzed metal and two color glass will introduce a set of reflections of light colors creating a romantic and very relaxing atmospher.

Decorative Ideas:
This type of lamp can be used both to illuminate the light on and off to decorate our home. They are ideal for the living room and bedroom to create a relaxing and romantic atmospher.


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