About us

Our company

LuzÁrabe.com is a company that provides services in Western Europe, the Americas and all around the world. Our company is engaged in direct selling and supply of decoration and Andalusian and Arabic handcrafts.
LuzÁrabe.com works closely with the best suppliers to offer our customers the beauty of Arabian craftsmanship with the XXI century online sales service. To achieve this, we rely on a team that has extensive experience and knowledge in electronic commerce.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Payment guarantee


In the tough economic times is essential to change the business model and adapt to the new rules of the economic environment to create business opportunities and employment.
Luzarabe.com uses the infrastructure of communication networks and social networks to bring the beauty of the world of handcraft to their lovers, in order to meet the needs of their customers by offering:
  • the most authentic and beautiful handcrafts,
  • the best possible quality at the best possible price,
  • with first class service,
  • and the convenience of doing everything from your computer or smart-phone, saving time and money.

Our team

Luzarabe.com has employees and partners of high qualification and experience in the fields of handcrafts and e-commerce. We also work with suppliers of high prestige in the world of handcraft to ensure the quality of the products supplied. And finally, we deliver our customers' orders using the best shipping agencies in Spain and the world.


Arrived in 24 hours in perfect condition, its well made and looks perfect in my living room. The price was very reasonable for the lamp. I will buy more from Luzarabe.com.

Nigel G.

The lamp is really beautiful and gives a magical atmosphere to my home. The seller is reliable, fast and very honest. Very satisfying transaction.